Vehicle Handling

We have a comprehensive process in place  to ensure smooth transportation and processing from vehicle inspection to delivery to you door. 

1. Vehicle Inspection and Documentation

The process starts with a detailed inspection of each vehicle to check for pre-existing damage and document its condition, which is essential for insurance and customer assurance before and after shipping.

2. Customized Loading and Securing

Vehicles are loaded into shipping containers or cargo planes, using modes like sea or air transport. Specialized equipment and techniques, such as wheel chocks, straps, or braces, secure the vehicles to prevent movement and damage during transit.

3. Containerization for Sea Freight

For sea freight, we utilise 20DV & 40HC containers shipping via various routes (Rotterdam/Antwerp/Klaipeda). The container protects the vehicles from the elements and potential damage during the sea voyage.

4. Expertise in Port Customs Registration

The service includes handling all necessary customs documentation and compliance requirements for exporting from the US and importing into the EU. This involves understanding and adhering to various regulations, tariffs, and duties that apply to vehicle shipments.

5. Delivery and Unloading at Destination

Upon arrival, the vehicles are carefully unloaded, inspected again to ensure they are in the same condition as they were when loaded (their condition is recorded). Then they are prepared for delivery to the final destination ensuring their compliance with local regulations.

6. Door-to-Door Service

We offer door-to-door service, meaning that your vehicle will be taken directly from the seller and delivered safely to you. We accommodate road transport with car trailer delivery all over Europe.

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Our shipping and transport services offer reliable, efficient solutions tailored to your needs, with expert assistance throughout the entire process.


We ensure all paperwork is inspected and verified by the relevant customs authority for compliance with import regulations.

Customer Support

Throughout the transport process, clients receive tracking information and support, enabling them to monitor their vehicle's journey and status updates.

We are handling all types of vehicles

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