Picking Orders

Based in Belgium and the Netherlands, our logistics firm specializes in efficient picking order processes from advanced warehouses in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Brunssum.

We expertly manage imports and exports across Europe and CIS countries, focusing on ultimate customer satisfaction.

Picking Order Services

Piece picking

Best suited for small orders, our piece picking method involves selecting items individually to fulfill each order. This method is highly accurate and tailored for operations requiring detailed attention to each shipment

Batch picking

Ideal for handling multiple orders at once, batch picking consolidates items from the same location that are destined for different orders. This approach increases efficiency and reduces travel time within the warehouse.

Zone Picking

Our warehouses are segmented into zones, with each zone specialized in certain types of products. Orders are picked one zone at a time, streamlining the picking process and enhancing productivity.

Wave picking

A hybrid approach that combines elements of both batch and zone picking, wave picking is scheduled at specific times to optimize the coordination of picking and shipping activities, perfect for dynamic order environments.

Comprehensive Logistics Services

Our picking order services are integrated with a comprehensive suite of logistics offerings to provide a seamless experience:

Customs Clearance

We understand the nuances of perishable logistics and offer solutions that ensure the integrity of your goods.

Transit Possibilities

We provide a full suite of logistics services tailored to the unique needs of fresh produce.

Warehouse Management

Our operations through the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam allow us to offer effective logistics for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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