Project Cargo

We excel in managing oversized and complex logistics, offering global project cargo services with meticulous planning, engineering skills, and specialized handling.

We cater to diverse needs, from turbine parts to large-scale art, ensuring safe, timely, and budget-friendly deliveries.

Types of Project Cargo We Handle

Our extensive experience and global network allow us to manage a wide range of project cargoes, including but not limited to:

Heavy Machinery

For the construction, mining, and manufacturing sectors, we transport large and heavy machinery, ensuring secure and efficient delivery.

Oversized Equipment

Handling the logistics of oversized equipment for industries such as wind energy, power generation, and infrastructure projects, we ensure every aspect of transport and delivery is meticulously planned.

Industrial Components

From refinery equipment to large-scale manufacturing parts, we manage the transportation of various industrial components essential for project developments.

Yachts and Boats

Offering tailored solutions for the marine industry, we handle the delicate transport of yachts and boats, ensuring their safety throughout the journey.

Our Approach to Project Cargo

Why Choose Us?

LTL shipping stands out as a strategic option for businesses of all sizes, allowing for the transportation of smaller freight volumes without the need to fill an entire truck. This method not only makes shipping more accessible for small to medium-sized enterprises but also offers flexibility and cost savings for larger companies with variable shipping volumes. LTL is particularly advantageous for:

Expertise in Complex Logistics

Our specialized knowledge in handling project cargo ensures that even the most complex shipments are managed with precision and care.

Customized Service

From planning and permits to transport and delivery, we provide end-to-end project cargo solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Strategic Locations

Operating from Belgium and other strategic locations around the world, we offer advantageous logistics solutions for global project cargo management.

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