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Reducing Carbon Footprint

We have partnered with CIMC Shenzhen Inc., creating a robust European hub in the Netherlands – Brunssum. This strategic alliance not only enhances our service capabilities but also extends our reach, making us a key player in the global logistics market.

The key aim of the alliance is to focus on the reduction of our carbon footprint. The transportation sector is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, and as stewards of this critical industry, it is our responsibility to implement and promote sustainable practices.

Key contributor: Packaging

One-time-use packaging is expensive and one of the main triggers of increased carbon-footprint in industrial logistics.

Solution: returnable, foldable metal box

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How it works?

The CIMC returnable, foldable metal box is designed to fit into standard shipping containers. The box can be easily folded and unfolded.


When unfolded it can hold up to 1500 kg of cargo. When folded boxes can be stacked up to 24-high, saving space in warehouse.

Advantages of using returnable metal crates

Cash-flow efficiency

Eliminate need for purchasing one-time-use packing (plastic, pallets, carton). The box is an asset that can be re-used multiple times.

No waste

No packing waste, no need for recycling, which also saves money.

Lease, don’t buy

Flexible pay-as-you-use leasing process, allows flexibility especially with seasonal orders.

Environmentally friendly

Green solution to supply-chain logistics with minimal impact on the environment. This is focused on longevity with a future outlook.

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