Customs Clearance

Based in Belgium and the Netherlands, our company offers expert customs clearance services for European imports and exports, ensuring compliance and efficiency with deep knowledge of customs regulations and strong broker partnerships.

Our Customs Clearance Services

We manage all aspects of the customs process, offering a range of documentation and clearance services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

For Imports into Europe

Fiscal Customs Clearance

Ideal for businesses importing goods into Europe that will later be sold within the European Union. We handle the fiscal representation, VAT, and duty payments, ensuring compliance with all tax regulations

Customs Clearance on Private Person

Tailored for individuals receiving goods from outside the EU. We manage the necessary documentation and procedures to clear shipments through customs, making the process hassle-free for private individuals.

Direct Customs Clearance on a Belgian or Dutch Company

For Belgian/Dutch businesses importing goods, we provide direct customs clearance services, including the preparation of all necessary import documents and liaising with customs authorities on your behalf.

Transit Documents

When goods are imported into Europe but intended for another EU country, we manage the creation of transit documents (T1/T2) that allow for the movement of goods under customs control across EU borders.

For Exports from Europe

Export Documents

We prepare all necessary export documentation, including commercial invoices and packing lists, ensuring that your goods meet all requirements for successful export from the EU.

Transit Documents

For goods moving from one EU country to another via a non-EU country, or for goods leaving the EU, we manage the necessary transit documents to ensure compliance and smooth transit (T1/T2/T2L).

Why Choose us

LTL shipping stands out as a strategic option for businesses of all sizes, allowing for the transportation of smaller freight volumes without the need to fill an entire truck. This method not only makes shipping more accessible for small to medium-sized enterprises but also offers flexibility and cost savings for larger companies with variable shipping volumes. LTL is particularly advantageous for:

Expertise in regulations

Our deep knowledge of EU customs regulations ensures that your shipments are compliant with all legal requirements.

Wide Partners Network

Our partnerships with specialized customs brokers enhance our ability to provide fast and reliable customs clearance services across Europe.

Strategic Locations

With facilities in major European ports, we offer convenient and efficient customs clearance services for both imports and exports.


We provide customized customs clearance solutions, working closely with clients to understand and meet their unique needs efficiently.

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