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Our prowess in managing project cargoes and special cargoes sets us apart in the logistics industry. 

Vehicle Handling

We have a comprehensive process in place to ensure smooth transportation and processing from vehicle inspection to delivery to you door.
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Reducing carbon footprint

By partnering with CIMC Shenzhen Inc., we enhanced our service capabilities also extended our reach, making us a key player in the global logistics market.
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A comprehensive sea freight solutions via strategic ports like Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Hamburg.
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An expansive and versatile airfreight service, not just in Belgium but across the whole of Europe
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LCL is a cost-effective and efficient solution for shipping smaller cargo volumes that do not require a full container.
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LTL provides a versatile and cost-effective solution for shipping smaller freight loads that do not require the full space of a truck.
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Choose from comprehensive list of our services and and learn how we can improve your logistics

Picking Orders

Our logistics firm specializes in efficient picking order processes from advanced warehouses in Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Brunssum.
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Food Handling

Extensive food handling services to ensure the freshness and safety of fruits and vegetables from farm to table.
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Project Cargoes

Global project cargo services with meticulous planning, engineering skills, and specialized handling.
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Customs Clearing

We manage all aspects of the customs process, offering a range of documentation and clearance services.
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Our expertise extends to handling intricate import and export demands, including specialized project and perishable cargoes. With robust global connections and a strategic alliance with CIMC Shenzhen Inc., we have established a significant presence in the European and global logistics market.

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